July 17, 2024

Earlier this month, an incident occurred on an Air India flight AI 445 from New Delhi to Leh. It has now been revealed that the captain allowed a female passenger to enter the cockpit during the flight. The incident came to light when a member of the cabin crew reported it after the aircraft had returned from Leh.

In response to this violation of cockpit rules, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), India’s aviation regulator, has suspended the license of the Air India captain for a period of one year. The incident took place during a flight to the popular destination of Leh in North India, and the captain had invited an unauthorized person into the cockpit.

Previously, Air India had taken action against the two pilots involved by grounding the captain for six months and the first officer for one month. However, the DGCA has now extended the captain’s suspension by an additional six months, imposing a longer period of disciplinary action.

Vijay Laxmi Rai

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