July 19, 2024

Sattu is a flour which we get by powdering roasted black chana , previously it seems to be a popular item in the state of Bihar, Jharkhand & Uttar Pradesh, Sattu is loved in many ways like stuff paratha,batti and for sattu drink in summer. Nowadays it is becoming popular among celebrities also.

Health Benefits

Sattu, the popular summer drink is more than just refreshing. If you don’t keep yourself cool and hydrated, you may fall victim to heatstroke. Everybody must increase their water intake during summers to prevent dehydration but water alone cannot protect against sunstroke or heatstroke. For that, you need something nutritious, cool and hydrating.

Thinking about drinking a fizzy drink?

Immediately cancel out soft drinks and colas from your list. These aerated drinks contain less water and more sugar which isn’t healthy, at all. Let us get back to our roots and drink a glass of refreshing Sattu.

Sattu an Energy booster

We spend so much on packaged energy and sports drinks when we have a cheap, preservative-free energy drink in the form of sattu. It has minerals like iron, magnesium and phosphorus to provide instant energy and eliminate fatigue. You can either drink sattu ka namkeen sharbat or sweet sattu sharbat.

Sattu keeps the stomach cool

Consuming sattu in summer is also beneficial because it has cooling properties. You might have heard from your grandparents that drinking sattu cools the stomach. It helps in lowering body temperature to protect against heat-related issues.

Sattu effective for indigestion

Sattu is considered beneficial in relieving digestive issues. By taking Sattu, the liver becomes strong and the acidity problem is also treated. Sattu has fiber which speeds up the digestion process and regulates bowel movements. All sorts of digestive troubles are constipation or loose motions are taken care of with this drink.

Sattu for weight loss & active lifestyle

Sattu is a great drink for people struggling with obesity. By eating or drinking sattu made with roasted gram, your appetite is suppressed for a long time and the stomach remains full. It also curbs hunger pangs to prevent overeating. If you think of dieting, include sattu in your plan to not run out of essential nutrients.

Sattu for diabetes

Sattu made of barley and gram is beneficial in diabetes. Beta-glucan present in Sattu reduces the absorption of glucose in the body, which keeps the sugar level in the blood under control. If you are also suffering from this disease then using Sattu daily can prove beneficial for you. However, diabetic patients should not take sugar syrup.

Sattu keeps liver fit

The protein present in Sattu is associated with liver health. Half cup of sattu powder approximately contains 178 calories, 10 grams of protein and 3 grams of fat. Regularly consuming Sattu keeps both liver and health healthy.

Sattu for anaemia

Anemia is the result of iron deficiency in our body. However, Sattu proves to be effective in removing this problem. Drinking water mixed with Sattu daily helps to reduce iron deficiency in the body. This problem is more prevalent in women after pregnancy. In this situation, drinking sattu gives them immense benefits.

Vijay Laxmi Rai

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