April 20, 2024

Positive People Attracts, Negative Repels

‌”The people you attract(or don’t) reflect your vibes”: The vibe you put out is crucial. Check your vibe to attract high-quality people in your life. Positive people attaracts, negative repels.

Don’t Say It, Show It

No one give a damn about your opinion until you show results.
Don’t Say it Show it.

Time In The Game Beats Time Commenting In The Game

Many people seek to be thought leaders or to build an online audiance. Fine. Remember this: NOBODY CARES IN THE BEGINNING. We pay attention to the people who have results, not loud voices that have achieved nothing and use clickbait to recreate the CNN news headline. Time in the game beats time commenting in the game.

Hard Choices Easy Life, Easy Choices Hard

“It’s not lack of confidence, it’s fear of making sacrifices.”: Talent has nothing to do with it. What you achieve in life is in direct proportion to how many sacrifices you are willing to make. Big goals starts out with sacrifices. If you make them for long enough then the result with lower the number of sacrifices you need to make in the future. Hard choices easy life, Easy choices hard life.

Gratitude Is A Must

You truly appriciate life only after you almost die: Life is a miracle. You have a one in a billion chance of being here, yet here you are. Every day should be a celebration that you’re alive, and that you didn’t die yet. Call it gratitude if you must. There are billions of dead people in graves all around the world, hoping to have what you have right now. Still upset with the world?

Know The Value Of Things Not The

You don’t know how important it is until you loose it: When we loose something we crave it again.

How We Respond To Any Situation Is What Create Difference

Most people don’t know you exist and don’t care about you: You can go from being held back by the buffet lunch of tragedies available to you in life, or you can take the bad stuff that’s happened to you and use it as a form of inspiration to help people facing the same problem. One is pointless. One is useful. The choice is yours.

Do It And You Will Learn Execution Is The King

It doesn’t matter how much you learn, you will never feel ready: You learn by doing. Get some inspiration and then experiment with the magic of trial and error, to turn the generic learning you’ve done into a customized path forward.


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