June 20, 2024
people working in the office

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Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has taken a mighty decision for telemarketing companies.

TRAI is going to throw weight around telemarketing calling or sending promotional messages to customers\ mobile users without their permission.

TRAI has asked telecom companies not to use unregistered mobile numbers for promotion, TRAI will take strict steps for telemarketing companies doing this.

To make it functional and easy-going TRAI has decided that telemarketing companies has to take separate numbers, it will be different from regular mobile numbers, now a days this is a necessity for the users, so they can easily differentiate the numbers flashing..

TRAI warned all telemarketing companies to discontinue their 10-digit numbers asap. Using normal numbers for promotion or projection of any products and services will not be accepted,

If rule is not followed by telemarketing companies they will have to face a repercussions.


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