June 21, 2024

Being a parent is already not an easy cup of tea, balancing things according to your kiddo’s is simply not simple, as we are now entering examination season for our kids the stress level is warming up. So how to make a balance between thought of both parents and kids, mostly parents come with preconceived notions that how should a child behave according to them.

The only desire of parents, children and teachers is to perform optimally, this is a reasonable demand but somewhere this demand can cause severe examination anxiety among students.

The pressure to become best among all will create a feeling of nervousness, restless and tense.

  • So how to overcome it?
  • What is the role of parents?
  • How to create positive thoughts?

It is necessary for parents or guardians to have a realistic expectation from your child, you may help your child to make a time table accordingly, keep yourself calm, it will help your child to have easy conversations with you without any fear.

*Parents must have to give enough space to their kids with the regular check-ups of their preparation.

*Keep boosting your child that she\he will do it, never demotivate them.

*Do not compare your child to another child or your neighbour’s child as it might make them feel that they will only be loved with a great percentage.

When your child wakes up early for preparations, praise their efforts, always give them positive vibes, make them realize that you know they are doing their best and it will lead your child to their goals and to achieve their beautiful future destinations.

All the best for parents. If you don’t panic, they will do their best.


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