Teacher’s Day Special : Four Facts behind celebrating this day

Every student needs a teacher. Forget about students, every human being needs a teacher. Learning something from someone is an integral part of the human life.

Without the guidance of visionaries and teachers, human life would lack direction. That is why celebrating Teacher’s Day acquired prominence across this nation which values teachers in the form of ‘sadguru’.

A student’s life and growth depends a lot upon how much he or she values education and the one who educates, that is the teacher.

Some believe that the future of a nation depends upon its students but in fact, the future depends more upon teachers as they are the ones who shape the minds of students who become the future citizens of a country. Now, let us discuss some facts about Teacher’s Day.

Important Facts About Teacher’s Day

Fact #1

Indians celebrate Teacher’s Day on September 5th as a token of respect and honour to the contributions of all teachers.

Fact #2

This is one of the interesting facts about Teacher’s day. In fact, Teacher’s day is linked with the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who was a great teacher, intellectual and an educationist of this country.

Fact #3

He served as the President of India. When the nation decided to honour his valuable contributions, his birthday was declared as Teacher’s Day.

Fact #4

He was the first among the people who firmly believed that the greatest of the minds of a nation should be appointed as teachers.

On this special day, Poori Khabar wishes one and all, a happy Teacher’s Day.


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