Pranab Mukherjee’s daughter condemns his RSS visit

A day before former President Pranab Mukherjee speaks at an RSS function in Nagpur, his daughter and Delhi Congress spokesperson Sharmistha Mukherjee hit out at him, saying the Sangh Parivar is already calling his visit an endorsement of the saffron ideology.

She tweeted that BJP’s “dirty tricks department” is sure to use the footage of his address to Sangh volunteers at the RSS headquarters to spread false accounts and rumours.

In a surprise jibe — she has been silent on the controversy so far — Sharmistha said, “@CitiznMukherjee (Pranab Mukherjee’s Twitter handle), by going to Nagpur, you are giving BJP/RSS full handle to plant false stories, spread false rumours as today and making it somewhat believable. And this is just the beginning!”

While countering that she would rather quit politics than leave Congress, Sharmistha used the incident as provocation to differ with her father in public.

“Even RSS wouldn’t believe that you are going to endorse its views in your speech. But the speech will be forgotten, visuals will remain and those will be circulated with fake statements,” she said.

The strong words from his daughter — even discounting, in advance, criticism that Mukherjee may direct at RSS on Thursday — caps a stream of censure directed at him by Congress functionaries over the past week.

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